Company Terre del Dogado

who we are

From the Sabbadin brothers’ passion for winemaking, handed down in part from their father and numerous farmer relatives, comes Terre del Dogado, specializing in making the typical Veneto wines most representative of the historic wine production areas and all coming from the heart of their respective denominations.

Terre del Dogado (meaning Lands of the Doge) is a synonym for Terre Venete, those lands governed by the Serenissima Republic for more than 1000 years, from the 6th century to 1797 and covering much of Veneto and its surroundings.

And it is precisely here that the winery has its roots, with the aim of making wines of great stature, their flavours and aromas eloquently expressing the full potential of this land and the grapes from which they come, able to leave their mark in the memory of those lucky enough to taste them.


The production and wine-making methods used are just the right combination of tradition and technology, an encounter which creates a company both innovative and sensitive to the experiences of past generations.


To produce the most typical Veneto wines, closely tied to the local area and above all well balanced. Terre del Dogado wines aspire to being the result of a joint endeavor between nature and man to produce a nectar able to condense all the value of the winemakers’ commitment and dedication, together with their passion and love for the land.

A passion and dedication passed down to our times and inherited by the Sabbadin brothers who have skillfully created the perfect blend of tradition and modern technologies. It is attention to the smallest detail and a meticulous commitment during every phase of the winemaking and refining process that allow Terre del Dogado to produce unique wines, abounding in unforgettable aromas and flavors.